Friday, September 14, 2012

it's the little things....

you know what girls i love? it's the little things. thoughtful things. i'm never looking for diamond earrings or a $90 bouquet of flowers. i don't care if you can spend a ton of money on me. i can take care of myself thank you very much! and while yes, i appreciate reservations to a nice restaurant (we all know how much i love food!), sometimes most of the time it's the little things that matter the most. whether it's from a significant other, a family member, or friends. it's the thoughtfulness that is remembered, never the item itself.

you know who's really good at the little things? it's Marjie. yep, the same person who got me that "awesome" necklace for no reason at all. and you know how she gave it to me? she sent it in the mail, which made it even more awesome because how often do you get actual mail nowadays that don't involve me handing over a check to a utilities company. 

recently we went to dinner and she said she had a surprise for me. again, it's the little things. it's knowing that i love all things mint. as she wandered World Market, she saw mint KitKats and picked them up for me because she's thoughtful like that. when she pulled them out of her purse i was elated! little did she know i've been searching high and low for mint KitKats. see, years ago they started making them during the Christmas season and about three years ago they just disappeared from shelves with no major announcement and i was so upset. yep, you can be upset over discontinued candies. i checked, and it's totally normal. anyhow, i was so SO happy to have them again! and quite honestly, that's probably one of the sweeter (no pun intended) gestures that i've been met with recently. it may seem like such a small gift but the thought is greatly appreciated.

thanks, Marj! you know me so well! love you lots! 

ummm i will most certainly be savoring every last bite!

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