Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bacon Takedown

man, i love being Yelp Elite! two days ago i just so happened to check my emails the same moment that Yelp sent out a message saying they had a few tickets for Bacon Takedown. the first few people to reply to the email claiming that they can confidently make the event would get the tickets. how could i pass up the opportunity to eat all things bacon for free? the answer: i couldn't! must. have. bacon! my reply was "i can absolutely be a guest to Bacon Takedown" and got a confirmation yesterday for me +1. i took Kim because she probably loves bacon more than i do, as she's got t-shirts with bacon on them.

if you couldn't already tell, Bacon Takedown is a competition involving that salty, fat laden pork goodness we all know as bacon. essentially it's a cooking competition for all things creatively involving said ingredient. 

we had....
-bacon meatball
-bacon waffle with coconut chicken
-pork belly slider 
-bacon waffle
-quinoa with black beans and bacon
-bacon yakitori (which was skewered meat balls one served German style with thousand island dressing and saurkraut, and one served Korean style with some sort of aioli and nori)
-bacon cannoli 
-bacon blue cheese burger wrapped in bacon served with a sriracha aioli
-bacon bourbon caramel with pecans
-bacon jello
-bacon pixie sticks (actually pretty inventive and surprisingly good. would like to see this on the rim of bacon inspired cocktails)
-bacon smores 

we were supposed to vote for our favorite sample and for me the winner was #11 the bacon smores. they had a thin cookie on the bottom, slice of bacon, toasted bacon marshmallow (amazing!!), drizzled with caramel. holy hell i could eat those marshmallows forever. their sign said "s'more bacon please," which i also found creative. 

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