Friday, July 20, 2012

dinner with the Roomies

meet Natasha and Fern (and myself, lookin like a hot mess). as you can see, we are a multicultural roommate situation. we have yellow, white and brown representatives in the house. a good mix of culture, though we're all super Americanized. i mean just look at Fern, he's got on a pink v-neck sweater with a matching plaid button-up underneath. that's pretty far from what i'd consider your stereotypic Mexican. 

anyhow, we decided to have a Roomie dinner so that everybody in the house knew each other for comfort sake. Natasha is my coworker and Fern i've known since freshman year of high school, so i already know the both of them pretty well. but i think it's necessary that they know a bit more about each other aside from their names so that it's not bizarre when they pass the stranger living in the house. just imagine an awkward meeting of the eyes when they both reach for what they think is their banana. i'd like to avoid that and would prefer a non-awkward household. so dinner was the remedy.

enter Wayfare Tavern, a restaurant owned by celebrity chef Tyler Florence

201:365 popover!
the best popovers ever! in an episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate  Tyler Florence said he'd had the best popovers at BLT Steak. i had the opportunity to eat the popovers at BLT Steak and they are pretty damn good, so when i heard that he was substituting popovers for your typical bread basket, i was all over that. light, airy, croissant-like yet with a slight chew, these are my favorite form of bread ever!

steak tartare- very good!

their version of poutine- dare i say it, the meat to french fry ratio was almost overwhelming. while i love short rib, i felt it needed more starch to balance it out. 

halibut with kale, corn and truffle. along with corn fritters. i really enjoyed this dish and it was excellent as leftovers the next day as well. 

strawberry rhubarb tart- not at ALL what i expected. this was obviously a deconstructed version. the blob on the side is a custard that's been bruleed. when you eat all of the components together it tastes just like a strawberry rhubarb tart, however i think i would have preferred it with a crust. 

carrot cake- a bit too dense and sweet for my liking. the carrot sorbet was cool but nothing i'd ever want to eat by the spoonful.

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  1. Goodness...that meal looks scrumptious!! >_<