Thursday, July 19, 2012

a night with Ize and Aziz

the girl who took this pic thought it'd be cool to take it with the stage in the backround but there was no need for that. so i present to you an off center photo of the lovely Ize and i.

one of my favorite things to do is to watch stand-up comedy. i mean, who doesn't love laughter? i know! people who's lives i don't want to involve myself in, that's who! last night i took Ize to be my date to watch Aziz Ansari do his stage thing. she absolutely loves laughter and in fact, at dinner we cheers'd to "comedy." she was the perfect date for the night. plus i love her to pieces, so there's also that! 

i don't know if you guys have seen him on Parks and Recreation, but this guy is hysterical! also, his stand-up style and topic choices are relatable to most people so the show has a nice flow to it. i find that when comedians get too political or focus on subjects that are too specific they lose the audience's attention for moments throughout the show. i can't stand a stand-up routine that seems scattered and only partially funny. during Aziz' (is it Aziz'? Aziz's? someone clarify please!) routine i found myself with a smile plastered over my face for two hours straight. it's a good thing Ize and i have hearty laughs, because this routine was cause for some serious guffaws! 

200:365 Aziz
Aziz told the audience to take all the pictures they pleased at the beginning of the show so as not to distract him too much during the show itself. "go ahead and use your instagram or hipstamatics and make me look like i was funny in the 70's" LOL!!! 

prior to heading to the show we grabbed a bite at Bottle Cap. the food there is pretty good but i don't really dig it's digs. somehow the place is missing something. or it just doesn't have a restaurant feel to it. nonetheless, i like the food there so i continue to go. 

blt sliders. pork belly sliders. yum!

fried chicken thighs. juicy and flavorful with a dill aioli. good stuff.

mac n cheese. nothing to write home about but still satisfying.

banana cream pie with salted caramel and peanut brittle. hella yum, yo!

what a good night!

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