Tuesday, July 24, 2012

girls in LA

Eva, Kris and i

i love getaways with the girls! Kris, Eva and i took a trip to LA this weekend. Eva had a wedding to attend and we turned it into a road trip. we left on friday night at 4am and got to our destination around 10:30am. once in San Juan Capistrano (where the wedding was), we decided to get some brunch at Bonjour Cafe

at Bonjour Cafe

probably one of the better french toasts i've had. 

we got nostalgic and picked up some Ring Pops. remember these? they were so much fun!

we get geeky. 

like, really geeky. my Special Friend proposed to me! why do i call her my SF? once upon a time, before they were engaged, Kris' sister's boyfriend was known as her "special friend." years later, one christmas or thanksgiving or whatever her mom introduced me to some family members as "Kristina's special friend." by logic, if a boyfriend=special friend and regina=special friend, then we must be way more than just regular friends in her mom's eyes. lol!! we're some silly fools!

while Eva was at the wedding, we met up with AJ and his girlfriend, Michelle, for dinner at The Hat. i can't even remember the last time i saw AJ. we know him from Cameron House, where we were all summer camp leaders. we also used to hang out with our peers in a group called SACRED. oh the days of "club" and CH. sometimes i really miss those times. not everybody has the opportunity to be involved in a youth group like that and i'm lucky to have been able to experience that with such great people. we all used to be so involved in each other's lives but that's vastly changed over the last decade. anyhow, it was fun catching up and reminiscing. plus, his girlfriend seems pretty great (thumbs up, AJ!!).

okay, can i just point out my stupid little faux bang? that's my baby hair or "new hair" growing in and it's at an odd length where it seems like i tried to cut bangs and just gave up. it looks dumb.

 also, note to self: Reg, that shirt makes you look like enormous. do not wear that again!

pastrami dip. gigantic.

chili cheese fries with pastrami. holy hell this was incredibly big. between four people we barely made a dent in this dish!

me, Kris, Michelle, AJ

AJ bought us egg tarts and buns from some place called 85. these were really good! the bun, filled with custard, was really light and oh so very good! (thanks, AJ, that was really sweet of you! and it was extra nice of you to get some for Eva as well considering you've never met her before!)

the next day we ventured to The Do Over, an outdoor party thrown on sundays. 

my gorgeous cousin!!!

my lovely Special Friend!

they sold carafes of sangria. holy hell those were $30/each. after our initial drinks our tab was $212 for three people, wtfffffff!!!

fun! at a slight drunk even before starting the carafes. oh man....

the girl at the taco stand sounded like an idiot, but maybe that's just the Los-Angeles-valley-girl sound. "umm they're three dollar te-cos." these tacos were pretty fantastic, btw.

Eva got quarantined and we came to find her and keep her company.

after drunken debauchery, we somehow managed to make our way over to Roscoe's for chicken and waffles. 


203:365 yahoo

kris: i want a Yahoo
me: you mean a yoohoo?
kris: no, a Yahoo

the Obama

long story short, Kris lingered over the table and ate approx 1/2 a chicken wing, got up and said "i'll be sleeping by the car," walked away (during which time she paid for our bill. thank you very much, Kris!) and got lost. and before you think i'm a shitty friend, know that i offered her my keys but she refused. we quickly ate our food and went on a wild goose chase finding her ass. found it, and went for ice cream sandwiches.

204:365 milk
ice cream sandwiched between french macarons at Milk!!! SO. DAMN. GOOD!!
while i was enamored by the ice cream sandwiches and making my way to view them in their display, i tripped over someone's foot. it happened to be that of Bobby Lee whom you may have seen on Chelsea Lately. 

thai tea, grasshopper, salted caramel and coffee toffee. 
i truly wish we had a Milk in SF. again, so damn good!

the next day we just roamed around Santa Monica a bit before heading home. 

lunch at Blue Plate Oysterette where we ordered way. too. much. food., as always.

clam chowder

lobster mac n cheese

3 lobster rolls, please!


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