Monday, July 16, 2012

i miss my friends

Kimmers, myself, Steph and Trina
(this weekend at Eddie's [Steph's husband and soon to be baby daddy] 30th bday!! i love LOVE LOVE these girls with all my heart)

lately i've been hanging out with a bunch of random people. new friends and prospects mostly. but because my time has been spent this way, i haven't been able to see the people who i would consider my core very much.

naturally as we all get a little older our lives get a little more complicated. we figure out our career paths, we get into relationships (or out in my case), we start families, and we lose what used to be common interests. we find new friends and coworkers become your friends. hardships occur and troubles inhibit. but my love loyalty for my life long girl friends will never die. though i'm fortunate enough to say that in order to count my most valued friends i'd have to use two hands, i also have to say that i don't see these people as often as i desire. some have moved further away and some have become busy dealing with life in a general sense.

lately scheduled get-togethers start out with "how have you been" when i would prefer them to start out with "so today____." now there are a couple things wrong with what i've just said. the fact that seeing my greatest friends have to be scheduled is bothersome to me. gone are the days when i could call someone up, say "bux?" and know i'd see their pretty faces at our usual Starbucks for some coffee and conversation within fifteen minutes. also, rather than talking about everything and nothing, a majority of our time is spent catching up on our lives not shared together. i miss the days where we'd order a Dominos pizza (although now i would prefer something that tastes less like cardboard covered in pepperoni) and sit around watching each week's episode of America's Next Top Model. 

but there's nobody to blame. life happens. and luckily every time i see these people it's as if nothing has changed. there isn't a moment of awkward or a hesitation to spill our deepest thoughts and concerns. our backs are had and our friendship life long. 

this is a "hi! i miss you and i love you" to Kris, Kim, Trina, Steph, Meiche, Jax, Ize, Maria, Marjie and Eva. and while i see you, i could never see you enough. 

Newer Friends and Other Older Friends, don't think i don't like you. you're awesome! i just intensely love my core.


  1. Love you more than you know!! You're the best and I'm so lucky to have you in my life :)

  2. Omg. You made me tear up! I love you so much Reg!

  3. Funny I was just talking to Trina about how we should play board games together via a google hangout or something so we can all see each other =o) Love and miss ya!