Friday, July 13, 2012

"never get better at growing up and learning to lie"

"promise that forever we will never get better at growing up and learning to lie." - Good Lives, Eve 6

the above quote are lyrics that have stuck in my mind for years. it makes me angry when i see people lying for the purposes of deception. it's one thing to lie to your girlfriend because you're going to make her your wife and the day you bought the ring you told her you went to buy socks instead. that kind of lie is meant to be unveiled and the outcome is for a better purpose (well, assuming the woman would like to marry you that is). what i'm talking about are lies that are meant to never be discovered.

for as long as i can remember i've never been able to successfully tell a lie. i just don't have it in me to be anything but honest. sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble but i'd rather deal with the consequences than spend a lifetime trying to keep up with a falsity. you see, once upon a time my mom told me that "if you're going to lie, make sure you cover all of your bases so that you could never ever get caught." to never ever get caught? well that just seems impossible! from that moment on i knew that telling lies was too difficult a task and maintaining "stories" was too much work. 

because i am incapable of lies, i find it deeply upsetting when i'm met with a lie. the idea of being purposefully deceived makes me sick. yup, even if it's something minute. the moment i've discovered deceit, i instantly lose a prorated amount of trust in a person depending on the weight of the lie itself. the idea that "this person is bullshit" files away in my brain folders and i'm mindful of their ability to be deceptive. conceivably, in order for the liar at hand to speak to you untruthfully, they must think that you are clueless enough to never ever find out about the lie, am i right? personally, if someone thinks i'm clueless enough to never ever fit puzzle pieces together, then i would consider that they actively think i'm an idiot. and i'm not havin' that.

lies are just false words that inevitably ruin the integrity of a being.

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