Friday, July 20, 2012

driving rants

-if your car suddenly feels like it's got a hydraulics system, know that it's your tires rolling over the lane division bumps. if your car always feels like it's got a hydraulics system then i'll bet that in preschool you couldn't color inside the lines either.

- while changing lanes, if you linger over the dotted line, you THINK you're being cautious but you are in fact upping your chances of me or someone else slamming into your dumbass by one hundred million percent. partially because now you're in two lanes for an unnecessarily elongated period of time and partially because i want to harm you.

-if you're going to cut me off or sneak into my lane really quick because you're a dick who needed to make a right hand turn at the very last moment possible, please, give me a little "thanks" or "sorry" wave. at that point, i ain't mad atcha. but if you don't, then you remain an ass wad forever after.

-motorcyclists, f*ck you in general.

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