Friday, July 13, 2012

Lands End

192:365 Lands End

my friend Jo has a list of 30 tasks she wants to complete and walking the Lands End trail is now something she can cross off that list. i was fortunate enough to join her in a piece of her journey to the end of that list.

 i can't believe i've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and have only recently even come to know of Lands End's existence. it's an easy walk (i'm estimating no more than 1.5 miles each way) for those who want to get a sense of hiking but truly hate the idea of physically lifting each foot up dirt paths ascending past 25'. sorta makes you feel like you've become an outdoorsman without having actually hiked. it's a pretty walk, and i imagine on a sunny day the sights are glorious. due to consistent fog in the area, we weren't able to view the sights at their full potential but nonetheless it was worth it to check out the trail.

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