Saturday, July 28, 2012


-while i do it nearly every day, i despise drinking out of water bottles. i always feel like i'm going to gulp down too much and choke. preference, glass and a straw. i feel the same way about bok choy. every time i eat it (which is now never) i feel as though my life is about to end due to suffocation.

-little things clumped together creep me out. like the seeds on the back of rose leaves. so much so that i just, legit, shuddered at the thought of them. (and then i did it again after rereading that sentence.) or a bag of chia seeds. eff they're so gross looking! oh, or when clouds evenly disperse across the sky. don't know what i mean? take a look at this picture. doesn't freak you out? well i'm nearly shaking in my pants over here after looking at that image. yeah, it's a totally normal thing to be afraid of lots of little things. this is what i'm myself, to myself anyway.

-true, i dip things in ketchup. but the moment i'm done, the idea of the ketchup sitting on the plate makes me feel sick. not in the literal sense. just in the oh-what-the-hell-that-smell-is-disgusting-sense. i'm not sure what it is. but if someone leaves a plate with it in the kitchen sink, i want to hurl. maybe i have an aversion to ketchup in general though because one of my locker mates at work has left a packet of ketchup in the locker and i hid it in the back so that i wouldn't see it.

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