Saturday, July 7, 2012


i know i said that Red Door Cafe was my new favorite brunch spot, but that was more for the sake of experience rather than food itself. my actual favorite brunch spot is probably Zazie in Cole Valley. you can't really go wrong with any of the dishes there. Canteen also ranks up there for my favorite brunch spots as their blueberry french toast is outstanding. but today i went to Serpentine and found a new one to add to the list. i caught up with Kim today over loads of food and it was awesome. we split everything because that's how we do. 

country fried steak and biscuits with gravy. i typically don't ever order country fried steak but for some reason i felt this calling my name and i'm glad i ordered it. the gravy was really good and the biscuit was moist, crisp and buttery. the dressed arugula helped to cut through the richness quite nicely.

buckwheat pancake with fruit and candied walnuts. holy yum! i'm pretty particular about my pancakes. i typically think they're dense discs (disks?...just wiki'd it and it seems there's no differentiation) of pointlessness but this one was super light and the buckwheat added a nice texture. the fresh whipped cream and seasonal fruit was nice, as was the not-too-sweet-syrup that accompanied it. 

wild smoked salmon benedict. served with fried capers and fried lemon slices. i liked this dish, though i could have done without the sauteed spinach. this was served atop one of their biscuits. the dish was a bit salty but i don't really mind salty. 

sorta can't wait to come back!

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