Wednesday, February 29, 2012

60:365 bottle cap

60:365 bottle cap

Marjie and i went to Bottle Cap tonight for dinner. i wasn't sure what to expect with this place, as it's a gastropub. i find that often times bars carelessly throw the word "gastropub" around, which would imply high end food and alcohol yet fail to successfully execute. it was Marjie's idea to go and i'm glad she suggested it, because it was actually really good. i should have taken pictures of the food but was too hungry to do so.

we had:

tuna poke: very good! perfectly seasoned and fresh and  had just enough sesame flavor.
seared scallops with smoked salmon creme fraiche and a wild ricecake: a tasty dish. not amazing, but i still enjoyed it.
slurp n turf: bloody mary oysters and steak tartare. i don't eat oysters, but the tartare was good if you can handle completely raw meat.
fried pizza dough: with a tomato sauce, fiscalini cheese, basil and chicken meatballs
pork belly: with a minted pea puree. SO good!! fatty and perfect. the pea puree and pea shoots gave the dish a nice refreshing way to cut through the richness of the fat. 
butterscotch pudding: with toffee, whipped cream and lacey cookie. yum!

i know,  i know! it's a lot of food for two people. but we killed it all. and it was all worth trying. 

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