Tuesday, April 10, 2012

man, i eat well....

...and by well i mean delicious, not necessarily healthy. i can't understand it when people eat only for the purpose of survival. if you have to do something everyday, shouldn't you enjoy it? so i  find myself looking for delicious things and try my best not to waste my time with eats that don't satisfy my palate. BUT starting today i'm doing a three day juice cleanse and for a few days prior to the cleanse i wanted to eat tasty things. you're supposed to prep your body by weaning yourself off of meat and dairy prior to the cleanse but that didn't happen for me. my body might hate me and go into shock but i'll take my chances. 

Tootsie's in Palo Alto offers simple sandwiches, salads and pastries. they're located at the Stanford Barn and only have outdoor seating. it's a really great place to catch up with people on a nice sunny day. the food is tasty and reasonably priced. 
 mushroom arancini balls. inside is risotto rice, cheese and mushrooms. served with a simple salad to brighten up the dish.

sopressata with truffle sandwich, served with delicious homemade chips

ricotta pancakes 

skinny fries. love!

 Canteen in SF is one of my favorite spots for brunch. it's a tiny little place, so get there early or be prepared to wait. their blueberry french toast with sweet cream cheese is amazeballs! the best french toast i've had, i think. i would love to go to Canteen for dinner some time.
 blueberry french toast of the gods.

fish hash with paprika. super tasty with a very light cream sauce. mMmm.

 Skool is a restaurant i've been trying to get to for a long time now. a friend and i sat on their outdoor patio for lunch. i heard good things about their squid ink speghettini so there was no question about what i was getting when i sat down. the pasta was cooked perfectly and the dish was loaded with squid and shrimp. the broth was suuuuuuper good. i almost wanted to pick the bowl up with both hands and Japanese-style-slurp it all up. but instead i dipped bread all up in that. sooo good!
squid ink speghettini

now it's time for the juice cleanse. we'll see how this goes. for someone who loves food so much, three days seems like a long time to avoid eating, but i'm sure i'll be fine (or miserable). 

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