Sunday, August 19, 2012


girls, drop everything you're doing! you are about to eat this shit up! i'm not even kidding! just watch the trailer and try to tell me you don't need to watch this series today. go ahead! i'll wait and give you 2 minutes and 47 seconds.....can't, can ya? if you've got a couple hours, start watching this series of mini episodes right NOW! you won't be disappointed, i promise! and guys, if you're of the awesome sensitive variety (no, i take that back. an appropriate amount of sensitivity is the same as awesome. so if you're of the awesome variety...) you might actually like this too. i think every person can find something truly genuine and relatable to their own lives in this series.

if you are into sappy things, this is for you. it's definitely for me. this is a story about a guy and a girl. the struggles they go through and the meaning behind timing and the idea that some things don't occur just by happenstance. it's about people crossing each others lives for a reason.

not only is the storyline intriguing and the writing funny, but the production is awesome. the way in which they chose to shoot the series makes the relationship between the characters seem truly inartificial. the music throughout is perfect and engaging. there's a song at the end of the first season called Temporary Friend by Emma Louise which is sort of beautiful if you ask me. i think most people have been in a situation in which that song addresses and it's hard not to feel something when you listen to it. plus, the woman has a great voice. oh, and little touches as simple as naming the characters That Guy and That Girl make it even more intriguing. never knowing their names gives you the idea that this could be the story of any man and woman. i love that kinda stuff.

i fell in love with this series immediately and spent a couple hours watching it completely through. and now that i've finished it and have written a blog post about it, i pretty much want to do nothing more than watch it again. do yourselves a favor and press "play!"

here is the link to your new found hapiness: Casual : The Series
also, here is Temporary Friend.

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  1. yay!! so glad you loved it too. i watch it all the time!