Thursday, August 16, 2012

roomie's dinner for Fern's bday

last week was Fern's 30th birthday. yes, he's my roommate but we are rarely in the house at the same time so i barely even see him really. when his birthday approached, it was a good excuse to sit down and have dinner to catch up on life and things. newest member of the house, Natasha, also joined us. i think the three of us make pretty damn good roommates. everybody is pretty clean, considerate and responsible. nobody's personalities clash and we're all pretty damn awesome. and fun. and chill. good times, my friends!

we went to  Vault 164 in San Mateo. as usual we ordered way too much food.

tuna tartar tower. i love taro chips!

crab and artichoke dip. they put a LOT of crab in here. remember to ask for some bread because those few little sticks you see are definitely not enough. 

Fern's ribeye with potatoes au gratin and peppercorn sauce. very good!

Natasha's Louisiana shrimp with mashed potatoes. 
"i get offended when you don't take pictures of my food too." haha! and so i did. 

lamb shank with chive mashed potatoes, fava beans and shiitake mushrooms. super tender! the shiitakes added a nice smokiness to the dish. 

baked alaska with brownie bottom and coffee ice cream. yum! much better than your standard neopolitan ice cream and cake base. 

key lime pie brulee. we all love tart desserts so this was perfect. a very good key lime pie. 

as we were leaving the restaurant i saw Miguel, the head chef, who i know from working at Max's. i was sort of stunned to see him because i couldn't imagine he'd leave the Max's franchise. but then he told me that Vault 164 is a part of Max's. i would have never guessed. 

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