Monday, August 20, 2012


yeah, we had a moment.

Tina's in town with the cutest lil' man you'll ever meet. this guy melts hearts with one swift glance at his puppy dog eyes. remember him? i know i've introduced you to him before, but he was a little smaller back then. i know you remember, because who could forget the most beautiful baby eyelashes

now that he's a little older, he's a lot more fun. not that he wasn't fun to stare at before, but now i can actually interact with him because he's growing into being a little person. like for real. rather than watching him wake up, eat, move a couple of blocks around, sleep, repeat, i can actually play with him. he makes noises that vaguely sound like actual words now (just kidding. he says a few actual words too.) rather than just noises produced by random vocal cord movements. plus the kids got dance moves, and i love to dance. so i'm thinkin' we're gonna get along just fine. 

232:365 generations. 
great grandson and great grandma. 

whens showing my parents this photo with my grandma sitting close by....
me: look! pretty good pic, huh?
mom: who is that? why is the hair all crazy?
dad: it looks like Einstein holding the baby
me: uhh....that's the woman sitting next to you

"mommy, what's this fool doing? clearly i'm busy with this toy so why does she think it's appropriate to try to engage me in dancing? i can't be bothered."

"like....she just won't leave me alone. can we do something about this?"

tell me he's not the cutest little hapa baby evAr!! yeah, thems other hapas are cute too, but he's the cutest! 

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