Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Corner Store / Chile Pies

there's a new restaurant opening this friday at the corner of Geary and Masonic in the old Hukilau location. Chef Nick Adams of Salt House has opened up The Corner Store. it's official open date is tomorrow but i went yesterday during their soft opening. they are serving up your typical American food but with a slight elevation. i'm not sure how else to describe the restaurant except to say that it felt easy. you walk in and see the open kitchen and a bar lining one wall. there's a lot of natural light that shines through, making it a very enjoyable spot to have lunch with a friend and chat for a bit. 

fried green tomato and burrata sandwich with garlic aioli. really good! the tomatoes are lightly battered with cornmeal, which i love! matched with the creaminess of burrata and you've got yourself a winner! 

burger with bacon. a very good burger. the meat was super flavorful.

and then because my friend and i wanted to catch up more, we headed to Chile Pies just a few blocks away. i got their house slice which is an apple pie (with green chiles and cheddar) a la mode and topped with red chile honey. the green chiles gave the pie a slight savory element and the red chile honey gave it a slight kick. overall i enjoyed it but would probably prefer a solely sweet pie next time. 


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    1. right? my arteries might pay but it was worth it!

  2. I live right by here! You just gave me something to do Sunday night.