Friday, August 31, 2012

oh yeah, i forgot i had roommates!

i'm pretty certain i have the best roommates that ever lived hanging out at my place. aside from them being awesome people, we all have pretty varying schedules, so it's rare that two people are in the house at the same time, much less three. seriously, it feels like we each have our own house and on occasion we have a friend who's stopping by or has spent the night. but oh yeah(!), that's my roommate! as adults, it's sort of spectacular because we get our own space, privacy and alone time. sometimes i don't even realize i have roommates until i find hints around that house that someone else has been around. remember that time i came home to a christmas tree? that was sort of the sweetest and most thoughtful surprises ever! (i'll never forget that, Fern. that was so awesome!) tonight i came home to these.....

because maybe i got a little bit dramatic one morning when i found an empty spot in the fridge where my almond butter used to be. haha! thanks, Fern! you didn't have to get me another almond butter. we can share....though i know you eat that shit up like tomorrow isn't promised. 

 i came home to find Mane n' Tail shampoo and conditioner in front of my bedroom door. i love finding random stuff by the door for me. granted, i asked Natasha to buy this for me. but nonetheless, i sorta forgot i'd asked for it, so it was a nice little surprise to come home to. and if you're wondering, yes, that's shampoo for horses. they use them for show horses so that their manes and tails are strong, healthy and shiny. humans started using it a long time ago and, in fact, on the back it lists "directions for humans" as well as "directions for horses."now my hair can be as nice as a pony's! 

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