Friday, August 17, 2012

kiss your Apocalypse for the last, last time

"kiss your Apocalypse for the last, last time"- Eve 6,  Anytime 

is that not the most clever lyric line ever in time? i love play on words in music. kiss your Apocalips. so much said in just a few words. the idea of kissing someone's lips is generally symbolic of love or at least a likeness for someone, but to put emphasis on someone's lips equating to a great disaster after maybe a volatile or straining relationship of some sort can be pretty accurate too. think about a relationship where two people aren't right for each other. they fight endlessly. they lose consideration. they aren't friends anymore. but just the slightest kiss sometimes brings them right back into it. anyway, the point of this post was more so about the cleverity (yes, i realize this isn't an actual word, but it sounds right. so get off my back, please!) of the lyrics than the meaning behind it.          

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