Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mom's Tofu House

i sort of feel horribly for never posting about asian foods. i feel like i'm not giving it it's fair share of the spotlight and it makes me feel guilty a little bit. because as much other food as i eat, i probably eat more asian food than anything else. maybe it's because it's not generally appealing to the sight. but once you get into it and taste the bold flavors of asian cuisines, it's hard to ignore that they're probably more flavorful than most cuisines. 

last week i felt the need for Korean food. i haven't had any in a long time so it was sort of necessary to fill that hunger. i called Marjie, one of my best foodies to join me along for the ride. we decided to go to Mom's Tofu House in South San Francisco. 

banchan- an array of side dishes presented to you at every Korean restaurant. they even gave us that chive pancake for free, which was extra nice of them.

japchae- clear noodles of chewy deliciousness. i love this stuff! 

kalbi (aka galbi)- short ribs marinated in a korean sauce. savory. sweet. fatty. just magnificent.

house chicken wings. they are deep fried to a nice crisp and then slathered with their house sauce. i'm not really sure how to describe the flavor of this. i want to say it's sort of sweet and ketchupy with a little bit of tang.

someone tell me why Korean food costs so much! more often than not it's just marinated meet that's grilled. who told them that they could charge an arm and a leg for this stuff? i think after tax and tip we paid $52 for the two of us. absurd, i tell you! though i guess i keep on coming back so they must be doing something right. 

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