Sunday, August 19, 2012

SF Street Food Fest

so this past saturday the food event of the year (in my eyes) happened. that's right, folks, the SF Street Food Fest went down. i look forward to this event every year because it combines all of my favorite things: food, friends, festivals, sunshine (with fingers crossed), and people watching. 

ready with fork in hand!
i kept this very fork the whole time so as not to ruin the earth with an excess of unnecessarily used utensils. oh, you didn't know you could single handedly save the earth with one good move? well BOOM! i just did!.....just kidding, but it did make me feel the tiniest bit better about myself today. don't judge me, but it was held in my trusty back pocket all day long. something very a la Joey from Friends.

with Marjie, one of my favorite foodies in tow......

signals telling me that it was time to feast....

fake money, our "passport," and a map of the vendors also listing what they had to offer, we were ready to get grubbin'. 

State Bird Provisions- burrata with garlic bread
hands down the best thing they had at the festival! the bread was crisp yet chewy and ultra garlicky. the burrata added a nice creaminess. to be quite honest, with extra money left over at the end of the day, we went back for a second one. the second somehow wasn't as spectacular as the first but that probably has to do with the vendor trying to get a hold on the increasing demand for their food option.

Pinx- sweet potato pie waffle
just what you would think they'd taste like. very good and not too sweet. 

Azalina's- chicken kaya penang chilaquiles
this was a really great dish when you got bites in with the crushed raspberries. it was pretty spicy and had a deep penang taste to it. the raspberries sort of helped calm the heat with a sweetness. 

Azalina's- rose basil coconut drink
looks better than it tastes. but maybe that's because i wanted it to taste a little less like rose and more like basil/coconut. what kind of idiot orders a rose drink and expects it to taste less like rose? this one! *points finger at self* 

Zella's Soulful Kitchen- jacked up hushpuppies
with whole corn kernels, jalapenos and cheese in the center. i love hush puppies if they're done right, and these were just right. not too dense and full of flavor.

Tacolicious- grilled squid veracruz
the only disappointment of the day. this was lacking in salt and the squid was almost too tender, if you can imagine that.

Clairesquares- deep fried caramel pop
the most sinful dessert. so good though.

le inside
that looks like something worth the hours of running for to rid calories though, right?

15 Romolo- chicken wings boriquas
coconut milk and lime chicken wings. pretty good stuff!

Good Foods Catering- pork belly sandwich
tender pork belly with the skin on (thank goodness they did this. that's the best part!)!!! 

random street vendor- diabolito rasposado
shaved ice piled with raspberry syrup, tamarind syrup and chili powder. topped off with a straw of tamarind candy rolled in chili powder. not really my thing, but Marjie slurped it down.

what a completely satisfying way to spend my saturday.

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