Monday, August 6, 2012

Hogs & Rocks

the other day i was accompanied by one of my favorites, Marjie, and my newest roommate, Natasha, for dinner at Hog & Rocks. judging by the name you could probably guess that they specialize in cured pork and oysters. oysters are one of those things that people either love or hate. there really is no in between. i personally think that they feel like spit wads in my mouth so i did not partake in any portion of oyster consuming. Natasha, on the other hand, tried her very first oyster and loved it. aside from that first course where i sat by while they slurped down those little tastes of the ocean, we had....

a plate of charcuterie. proscuitto, speck and serrano ham. they served it with a sort of flatbread/pita bread which was not a good match. and actually, i've had muuuuch better slices of cured pork in my time. 

bone marrow. when marrow is on the menu it's pretty impossible for me to resist ordering it. SO good! the trenches of the bone marrow were pretty deep, which was a pleasant surprise. unfortunately they only provide you with two small pieces of toasted bread to go along with it so we asked for a second and third serving of bread to soak up all of that fatty goodness. 

fish n chips. very well done! moist, flaky cuts of fish beer battered just right. the kennebec fries were pretty great too. that's my favorite kinda fry, didja know?

bucatini with clams. this is pretty much your standard clams and pasta dish. and i love clams and pasta, so it was a hit with me. 

overall i thought the place was okay. there wasn't anything that i truly loved and for all of the good things i had, i've had better elsewhere. i likely won't purposely come back unless somebody else wants to check it out. oh, and there are only two dessert options, both not seeming so interesting, so we opted to remedy that by getting ice cream at Mitchell's.

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