Monday, August 13, 2012

Lorraine's birthday

happy birthday, Lorraine!! 
more fun times with my coworkers friends!

you know how i know i love Lorraine? because i was willing to purposely endure second hand smoke when i went outside to hang out with her because i thought she was standing outside by herself. she then told me "you're my favorite Chinese because you're happy and i think you can drive." haha!!

Uyen, myself, Ruby, Edgar, Natasha, Tan

David made it out with us for the first time ever! aaaaaand i think it was his first time ever drinking as well, as evidenced by the red face only after drinking half of a screwdriver. what a champ!


we made David retake a photo with a smile after he'd taken a picture in the typical Chinese fashion. and for those who are unaware, "typical Chinese fashion" = with a stern face. then i made the chinese face. and Tan made whatever face that one is. haha.  

what a good picture of us, minus that disatrous table of stuff.

chinese picture. no smiles. no emotion.

the boys. see, David naturally does the chinese face.

i forgot wtf was going on here. T was imitating somebody and it was hysterical. too bad i can't remember what it was about...

Tan's signature move 

David, sobering up but looking like he never wants to go out with us ever again. i think we scared scarred him after forcing him to two-step with us.


overly excited about something i was witnessing, but i'll keep that off the internet to save face for said witnessed people. 

a good picture of everybody but myself. it's okay though bc this is probably how i looked half the night anyway.

haha. why you cry?

photo bomb! 

lol! what a good night!

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