Friday, August 17, 2012

my favorite snapshots

so. for years now i've been taking photos just for kicks. i'm no good at using a dslr camera properly (as in finding the correct combination of settings and whatnot) but i think i have a decent eye for what makes a good picture. so while most of these aren't the sharpest pictures and none of these are really photoshopped, i think you'll get the gist of the types of photos i take, or at least get the gist of what i was going for. i truly wish i could have brought out the colors more in these photos. alas, i don't even have photoshop or know how to use it. these would be muuuuch better sharper and deeper in color. 

also, i'm sort of sad to say that Instagram has taken over as my main camera option and nowadays everybody thinks they're a photographer with it. filters make it easy to make pictures look better than they do as the original. but if you're still off center or have no idea what frames a picture then they often still are not very good pictures. anyhow so many of my photos are taken with Instagram because it's convenient, and as i said previously, i too, don't know how to use a dslr properly. maybe i'll do a post on my favorite Instagram pics soon. 

of the photos i've taken with a dslr or a point and shoot, these are some of my favorite. enjoy! or don't, but i do!

this was taken probably about eight years ago. recognize the familiar yellow from the bow and arrow structure down by the Embaracadero?

about 8 years ago. this was one of the first photos i took where i thought "hmm, that's pretty clever, Regina. nice job"

this was taken probably five years ago at Treasure Island. 

this was about four years ago in China, at a small village

same small village in China. i think what i like about this picture is the textures. 

same village in China

this is my grandma. i love love it when she smiles and her laughter is my favorite sound. also taken in China about four years ago.

this was taken at a temple in Thailand. this was one of my favorite photos for a long time.

Thailand, four years ago. selling rambutan on a beach.

four years ago near Hong Kong. a MASSIVE buddha.

clearly New York, taken maybe three years ago.

structures of the Eiffel Tower from the bottom looking up. while i got a few good pictures of the tower, i somehow liked this better. there are a ton of pictures of the tower and it's beautiful just on it's own, so here's another look at it. 

Eiffel at night

reflections of the Lourve at night. 

twas the most still night.

no moment in my life has ever been as breathtaking as being at the Lourve in the nighttime when almost nobody else was around and you could see all of it's beauty. 

walking up the tiny stairwell of the Duomo in Florence, Italy. you see glimpses of the outside through cut out sections of the walls. 

still inside the Duomo right around sunset

the "reclining buddha" in Thailand about two years ago. i truly hate feet and would typically never highlight them in my blog but i thought that contrast of the worn, detailed, dark foot soles of this statue compared to it's otherwise complete smooth, goldenness was sort of awesome.

at a temple in Thailand. sort of creepy, no? but i like the textures 

notice the size of this thing compared to the people at the end. 

ruins in Thailand

a woman selling some fishcake type deal wrapped in leaves. if you ever see her, do NOT purchase! so gross, i tried to feed it to a cat and the cat wasn't havin' it. 

there's something about this picture i really like. the big buddha staring at all the little ones? who knows. 

the moon, from a plane, on my way to Costa Rica about 3 1/2 years ago.

cray-zay!! this fool then kissed this humongous croc on the nose.

at an imitation Swedish hotel in Monte Verde, Costa Rica. 

the cloud forest in Costa Rica


in Cabo. i thought i might see wild whales one day in my life, but i didn't expect to ever see them doing this. i'm SO glad i got this shot because it's sort of an amazing thing to see, i think.

at Stefan's triathlon

from my backyard when i lived in Pacifica. holy cow this was a crazy sunset!

at Disneyland a few years back. Eva and i went for an impromptu visit for her birthday. we drove down in the middle of the night, camped in my car for a couple hours, woke up, had a blast at Disneyland and drove home. 

mignardises at Cyrus, one of the best meals of my life. 

part of an incredibly amateur engagement photo session with Trina and Justin

so cheesy!!

rhino at a sort of safari thing in Sonoma County. sometimes it's not necessary to get something in complete. i like that i don't have even half this rhino in the shot. 

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  1. Great eye for composition. Just want to say that I've been a fan of your blog ever since i started viewing your posts! Keep it up!

    ~Chris Chu