Thursday, September 6, 2012

the most expensive steak ever in life for Mickey's bday

haha i unbuttoned that belt a notch after eating our giant meal. looks like i didn't need to do that really.

i took Mickey out for a birthday dinner at Alexander's because this guy likes his steak. and while i'm sure he's had great steaks in his life past, i figured it'd be a good time for him to try out a Wagyu variety. the menu offered Australian cuts anywhere from $135-$350 and we pondered what we wanted to try. but if you're going to spend a shit ton of money on a steak, you may as well go big or go home, right? so we opted for the $350 2lb. Westholme Tomahawk chop to share because sometimes i'm careless with money and i'm also always in favor of the best food. ssshhh don't tell my mom or my grandma. they would cringe. oh, and we added a bone marrow to boot! because any time there's bone marrow on a menu, i'm for it!

just a preview before we get into the whole meal.

amuse bouche: dashi custard with sesame seeds and a nori cream(?)
too salty and not really my thing..

broken beets salad- dungeness crab / fizzy campari / carmelized almond-miso butter
they used liquid nitrogen to freeze the beets and then crush them to form random shards or shapes. the "fizzy campari" was like Pop Rocks on the beets. fun!

i can't remember if this was mango or what but basically a palate cleanser

quinoa pilaf and mac n cheese. 
both pretty good though i would probably opt for something other than the quinoa next time just because i feel like i could make a comparable dish at home. the mac n cheese was pretty great, though i didn't really pay much attention to it because the steak was the star of the night!

this thing is massive! pretty much two steaks in one. we ordered it rare, of course! the only way you should ever order steak of this caliber. actually, recently i've learned the term "black and blue" which basically means it's quickly seared to give the steak a crust but the rest isn't even slightly cooked. you could also go this route with Wagyus, but we went with rare. the veal glace is truly unnecessary as the meat stands on it's own. the meat was perfectly marbled and oh so very flavorful. this falls in the top three bites of meat i've ever had.

we added bone marrow for $25 because we're greedy like that. spread on top of the already fatty meat, it was a ridiculous combo of savory awesomeness and gluttony at it's best. 

and then this happened. yep, i went at it cave man style. 
1. because it's that delicious and you can't waste delicious
2. because it's insanely expensive and you know a Chinese can't waste money
3. because again, as a Chinese you never leave a bone with meat still attached to it

haha! and then this happened. while i had just gnawed away at a bone, he got into cotton candy. complete role reversal! haha!

berry nutty
i can't even remember what all of the components to this dessert was. chocolate, blackberries and candied fennel is all i can really recall. 

extra little goodies.

what a meal!

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