Thursday, April 5, 2012

vacation pt 3: cabo/Jeff & Libby's wedding

part three of my vacation was a trip to Cabo for a destination wedding. Jeff and Libby are the (now) newlyweds. a few years ago Eva and i took a trip to New York, Paris and Italy. while we were in the NY we stayed with Jeff (Eva went to high school with him) and Libby (both whom i'd never met). Eva said that i reminded her of Jeff and that we'd get along really well. she also said that Libby was super nice. i figured they had to be nice to let someone they'd never met stay in their apartment. by the time i was done in New York i nearly fell in love with the both of them. they're super genuine, hospitable and just all around good people. oh, and they're both sarcastic, which is always a plus in my book. about a year after meeting them they moved back to California and i was fortunate enough to hang out with them a few times. to my surprise they invited me to their destination wedding, meant for only close friends who they consider family. i must be pretty awesome. just sayin...haha!

Cabo in photos!

Eva and i were on the same flight as the couple. the steward was hella funny and made the whole ride fun. he also gave J&L tequila and at some point told Eva "you must be Chinese," in a funny racist way.

towards the end of the flight they knocked out and i got this super flattering picture of them.

Eva and i stayed at the Hacienda Encantada, one of the newer resorts. unfortunately we weren't at the same hotel as most of the guests from the wedding but our resort was really nice and the staff was exceptional.

Eva and i spent our first night just relaxing and had dinner at Edith's

tuna poke

chili rellenos

all sorts of Mexican all on one plate

pineapple pie

molten chocolate cake

breakfast at our resort. what a gorgeous view, eh?

haha! sometimes i'm a dork.

first drink of the trip

pina coladas

fourth drink. shots of tequila. 

strawberry lime smoothie. non-alcoholic and oh soooo good.

the next day was wedding day!! there was an open bar the hour before the wedding and immediately following the wedding. this, of course, lead to an entertaining ceremony. people said some things that were probably inappropriate and vulgar. some people said some things that were just fun and funny as well. i threw in my share but i'll just leave it at that.

pre-wedding with the groom

Eva and i with the Lilys

this chick is funny, yo! if she were in SF i would totally try to be her best friend. haha!

sometimes i look decent if i try really hard.

essence of the wedding. loads of fun.

Libby is super classy and her dress was stunning!

errr we brought drinks to the wedding as well. some words were said.

both of their vows were hilarious, and i would expect nothing less. these two were absolutely meant to be.

done did.

she can rock a cane and a brace and still look good! 

someone called someone else an "asshole." guess which is which.

pyyyymp status! 

ugh...that dress! so pretty!

i there a better wedding dress out there? methinks not.

who wears the pants, huh?

This One scratched.......
(good god i thought i took a good pic but clearly i was not seeing very clearly myself. this is what the night looked like for me)

.....and then bartended. bold, i tell ya. bold.

pretty happy right about now

cane limbo!

 any time alcohol wasn't involved on this trip, relaxing and eating was involved. and that's pretty much all we did all week long.
tacos from a hole-in-the-wall spot. homemade tortillas, yum!

the bride and groom took us all out for a sunset cruise the evening following the wedding. very nice of them, don't you think? open bar again, of course. my liver isn't used to alcohol more than one day at a time but i had to take advantage.

and then we saw WHALES!!! i was lucky enough to get this awesome shot of a baby whale leaping out of the water (pats self on back). 

food followed the booze cruise, naturally. except instead of pizza or McDonalds, tacos it was!

shrimp quesadilla and fish taco from Gardenia's. pretty damn good quesadilla. 

shrimp ceviche

so fresh.

raging ensued. we went to a club(?) called Pink Kitty. my ass was danced off and twas a fun night.

clearly we love tequila.

the next day was beach day. i pretty much just took a nap under an umbrella because while i like a tan, i did not want to be mistaken for a native.
calamari at Baja Lobster Co.

tequila lime shrimp. can i just this point i was quite over shrimp. and seafood in general.

later that night Eva and i met with the rest of the group at Maro's Shrimp House. good stuff, i tell ya.
1/2 kilo of shrimp. i felt like i was ordering drugs when i asked for a half kilo. 

aaaaaaand of course, when you're on vacation with a bunch of folks in their late 20's there is only ever more drinking. but my body refused. three days was enough. a fourth would just be painful. we went to Squid Roe. think spring break on crack. there were tons of youngins with braces and such getting their freak on. and i'm pretty sure there was a 12 year old there too. in fact, i think the guy serving us and dancing all up on Libby was probably around 16. 

we got a monstrosity of a tequila sunrise. this thing had at least two bottles of tequila in it. 

i'm preeeetty certain that whoever got the last cup of that drink slurped up a whole lot of saliva. i hope no herpes were involved.

what a glorious trip. it was incredibly fun and i met a lot of cool people.

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