Monday, June 18, 2012

dance weird, it makes life that much more fun!

met up with Tan and Natasha after a lovely leisurely day in Napa for some dancing good times. losing your inhibitions on the dance floor is all sorts of blast having, wouldn't you agree? but don't stick to the two-step, please get weird and funny because the best kind of dancing is the hilarious kind.

who knows wtf we're doing. no need for a dance floor. all i need is my white-girl-who-gets-down and some space, and we're all good!

nope, he's not pointing at anybody. he just likes to point.

heart her!

what we look like behind drinking goggles. just wait until the lights come on....haha

robot! what!! we even come stock with laser eyes!

who knows. this doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense.

side note: damn my natural hair is pretty damn light. maybe this is why i always get mistaken for a hapa. i'm good with that. haha!

enjoy life, folks! there's no other way it should be spent.

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