Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"but even the sun sets in paradise..."

"but even the sun set's in paradise..."-Payphone,  Maroon 5

while this is true and i agree that many times in life what seems to be unbreakable still has the ability to shatter, it's definitely not the end of the world. so paradise=life, right? and true, the sun sets daily in paradise, but if there's anything that i would put my money on, i would say that it's pretty guaranteed that the sun will rise tomorrow. sometimes it's obscured by fog and rain, but it's still there. and even on the stormiest of days, you know the sun lingers behind the clouds. i'll bet that the days when the sun comes out in full force, you can't help but smile! we all need the sun to set so that it can rise. and when it rises, isn't it grand? note that during the peak hours when the sun sets as well as when the sun rises, they typically cast the most beautiful visions in the sky. symbolic of the beauty in the balance of life? i think so.

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