Monday, June 11, 2012

views from a glorious bike ride

one of my favorite bike rides starts from the Golden Gate Bridge through Tiburon and back. it's not the same as the map they give to tourists. this ride takes you to Tiburon from the back of it and offers gorgeous views throughout.

about to embark on one of my favorite rides on this oh so very loverly day!

views of the Richmond Bridge(?) and some docks from a residential neighborhood

152:365 bridge from the Tiburon side
in place of day 152 which lacked a photo. i always see this random structure when i take this ride and have never really stopped to take this photo, though the image has been in my mind for over three years now. finally i took the time to get it!

91:365 peephole 
in place of day 91 which was lacking a photo. this is a recreation of a photo i took maybe seven years ago. this photo is better because the whole bridge is in it, whereas the original only had one pillar (or whatever the hell you call it). 

the obligatory image of the bridge

sun casts shadows.

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