Sunday, June 3, 2012

La Costanera

i bought a $30 for $60 certificate for La Costanera, a one Michelin star Peruvian restaurant located along highway 1. the restaurant resides in what used to be Chart House. Chart House was a restaurant i always wanted to go to when i was a kid because it looked like it was in the shape of an odd pyramid. 

this is a horrible picture and doesn't really capture what it's like in the restaurant. the walls are glass and directly outside is the ocean. it's the perfect place to spend watching the sunset.

La Costanera is a good place to take a date because of said sunset, but also because they offer a lot of small plate options for sharing. i took my mom as my date because frankly i feel like i've seen friends nonstop lately and needed a break from them! haha jk. but i haven't seen any family in a while so i figured who better to take than my own mom.

 cebiche chino- ahi tuna, ginger, soy-tamarindo infused leche de tigre
fresh, light, vinegary, textural. 

yucca balls- stuffed with chorizo, olives and raisins. served with a curry sauce
i liked this dish a lot. it was interesting for someone who doesn't love raisins....

shrimp with squash, sweet potato and mint, in a curry sauce
the mint added a nice brightness. 

langostino crocantes- quinoa encrusted shrimp served with sweet potato puree and bbq sauce
lightly crisp and very well done. favorite dish of the night.

mac n cheese- with truffle oil and bacon
a basic mac n cheese. they added $3 for the truffle but i didn't taste one hint of truffle.

potato chips crusted dungeness crab cake with shiitake mushrooms
this didn't have very much crab in it, though it was still a tasty dish. the overly sweet sauce underneath sort of took away from it all. 

while i thought the food overall was good, i don't know if it deserves a Michelin star. 

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