Saturday, June 30, 2012

savoring my last few bites. goodbye, foie!

182:365 goodbye, foie!

July 1st marks the ban of foie gras in California. this past month restaurants have been throwing foie gras themed meals and people have been racing to get their fill in before it's gone "forever." i quotation mark that because, as most people feel, this probably won't actually be the end of foie in California. much like the Prohibition Era, the law is sure to be overturned eventually. anyhow, i am no different. over the past couple of days i've been scrambling to get my last bites of foie gras in before the nearest morsels can only be found in Nevada. i say "go big or go home" and i didn't just go big, i went GIANT!

tonight i went to Chaya for their Au Revoir Foie Gras menu. 

seared foie gras nigiri. effing rich and splendid as all hell. i turned this $20 single piece of foie into approximately four bites to savor it's fattiness.

seared foie gras over wagyu beef ($58). hell f*cking yeah, you heard! over wagyu! fat upon marbled fat. i couldn't have asked for a more rich dish than this. it was served with eggplant and bok choy. bok choy always makes me feel like i'm going to choke to my death so i avoided it. 

this morning i went back to Craftsman & Wolves to try and get their chocolate muffin with toffee ganache and foie gras. i picked up an extra few for my foodie friends because i figured they would appreciate it.

"Devil Inside." look at all that chocolate sexiness. the foie gras sort of just added a richness and a salty element. with or without the foie, this is a great treat. 

yesterday i went to Humphry Slocombe for foie gras ice cream sandwiched between two gingersnap cookies. but if you read my project 365 day 181 post, you'd know that i don't like gingersnaps so i only ate the ice cream. my mouth was all savory and umami-ish after this. love!

okay, i've had more foie gras in the past couple days than i've had ever before in my life combined i think. so i think i'm set. or i guess it doesn't really matter because i can't have it unless i exit California anyway. i can feel my arteries narrowing as i sit here digesting all of that goodness. happy sigh....

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