Thursday, June 7, 2012

dudes and food

.....or food and dudes? which one should come first? let's be real....probably food then dudes.

went to Off The Grid because it's awesome. i somehow did not manage to take a picture of the "dude" this night. i was probably too excited about the food.

mochimisu from my new favorite truck, Koja Kitchen. Ize told me that the mochimisu was really good and i was skeptical at first because how could the addition of mochi make something amazing? but she was right. hats off to you, Ize! the mochi almost acted like a marshmallow but slightly more chewy. i could have probably just ate two of these for dinner.

kamikaze fries from Koja. pretty yum.

the Snoop Dog from Brass Knuckle. bacon wrapped hotdog with coleslaw. while it was a solid hotdog, i can't say there was anything special about it.

sisig nachos from Senior Sisig. nearly every time i'm at the Fort Mason OTG i pretty much have to get these.

dumplings from Happy Dumplings. i'm not much of a dumpling person because typically the inside just tastes like mush. and i was right!

while we sat to eat all of that food (yes, i shared!) we started talking to these two guys. one from Vancouver and one from England. the one on the left was clearly drunk and invited me to be his penpal. as in like old school pen and paper. as in using actual stamps and licking the envelope. he also said that if we ever wanted to visit England we could stay with him. hmmm...i'm gonna say that's probably not gonna happen. anyhow, he wanted a picture. on his camera i look normal. on my camera i look like a weird freaked out chipmunk. 

the other day i went to have lunch with Stefan. see, we're a good example of exes who have the ability to be real friends. no harm, no foul. now back to the food. we went to a new thing called the Soma Streat Food Park. and yes, it's spelled strEAT. it's pretty much the same as OTG except it's permanent and there are ten trucks there daily for lunch and dinner.

i look like a bum. awesome.

pork belly with tea eggs from Little Green Cyclo. except it doesn't look like pork belly, right? well that's because right after we ordered it they realized that they'd pretty much run out of pork belly completely. so the guy tells me there's a little pork belly in there and the rest is lemongrass pork. he asks if that's okay and i oblige only because he's cute. yes, it works both ways. girls and guys get away with things when they're good looking. little did i know that "not the full portion" of pork belly meant approximately one bite. either way the dish was mediocre so it didn't matter anyway.

sweet potato tots with mango mint aioli. this was pretty good, as was the strawberry lemonade. both also from Little Green Cyclo.

we also got a pastrami reuben from La Pastrami and a pulled pork sandwich from Brass Knuckle. the pulled pork sandwich was blah so we didn't even really eat it at all.

because none of the food was all that great i got a waffle from Waffle Mania. chocolate, caramel sauce, bananas and whipped cream. aaaahhh redemption. this made up for the not-so-delicious food we'd eaten. 

i haven't seen Andy in years. and he's one of my favorite people in the world. so wtf? it's all my fault really. or it could also be because he's been in Illinois for engineering. it doesn't matter though, it's never awkward catching up with this guy. he's good people. 

we took a trip to San Rafael specifically to go to Sol Food because it's the best Puerto Rican food i've had. and also, i can't go too long without having some of that hot sauce of theirs. that's the good stuff.

i got the combo plate with camarinos criollos. shrimp in a tomato sauce with black beans, rice, fried plantain and sweet plantain. so. damn. good. i urge you all to go to Sol Food. it's worth the trip!

we spent the day out and ended it with ice cream from Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous. they have THE best hot fudge. i got the creme catalona which was a lime ice cream with caramel swirl. damn that's good eats.

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