Friday, June 22, 2012

are they college students?

the awesome coworkers friends and i went to Jones for happy hour. see, this weekend is Lindsay's birthday so we had to send her off with a proper celebration. let's kick off this blog post with photos of the most important people, the birthday girl and myself, because happy birthday to Lindsay(!) and because well, this is my blog. photo overload.

getting it started right

taking it slow...

but not that slow, because this was taken like fifteen minutes after that last one.

girl shot! we deceptively look sober. nobody is, but it's still early so we are able to maintain tact.

her permanent face whenever Ron is around. that's not Ron though, that's Edgar. Ron's lingering somewhere too close for comfort. lol!

Ron, Ruby, Lindsay, Adrian, myself
sorry my hair is cascading down your face, Adrian. it has a tendency to cascade.

note: Adrian makes Popeye face while choking Tan.

WTF this is the scariest picture of Edgar i've ever seen in my life. he looks like he could be a creepy murderer and one of these girls is his next victim.

note: Adrian's face hasn't changed for like an hour. he just stayed looking like Popeye until he left. and guess what his reason for leaving early was. it was to walk Kingston, his beloved dog. he loves Kingston more than his own wife. (i'm just kidding Candace!)

Tan, posing like WJF in his weird Taiwan photos.

i'm not quite sure how a tongue gets that fat.

who the f*ck is that? good thing that strand of hair covering that girls face masks her identity or she might be a little embarrassed! 

take two. much more tame.

world, meet Terry aka T. he says he's going to find me a "brotha. but one that wears argyle. and one that can hang with Tracy as well." 

see, told you this is her face whenever Ron is around. sheer terror.

super crew! what!! we love each other.

so what had happened was.....we spent friggin $818 on food and libations at Jones and apparently got a little too loud for their liking. according to stories that i heard the following day, we were cut off and moved to a dive bar across the street. i had thought we just wanted to go. i didn't realize that our conversation topics and ear piercing voices were a problem. oh well, we'll move our fun elsewhere.

at some dive bar

oh, hello Matt!! what a trooper. he came to find his wife past drunk.

according to more stories i heard the following day, the bartender at this dive bar thought we were college students based on the way we were acting and the amount we had been consuming on a wednesday night. little did she know we are all quite successful, responsible hospital employees. 

poor Lorraine had to work the latest and showed up to find a bunch of people falling and wanting to go home immediately. nonetheless, i'm glad she could make it. i do not recall taking this photo. 

note: Muri is now choking Tan. why is it that everybody felt the need to choke Tan this night?? 

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