Sunday, June 10, 2012

lagging on that 365 project

i hate that i've been lagging on this 365 project. i'm not that far from the halfway point and i've been slacking off on it. a couple of newer things have been occupying my time so that's my excuse. anyway, i need to get back into this. i'll fill the missing days with some photos in a bit, but these are the last three days. they're pretty crappy pictures but who cares really?

162:365 creepy wallpaper
this wallpaper really freaked me out for some reason. maybe because the silhouettes look like they belong in a different century it reminded me of ghosts or something. i know, it's ridiculous...

161:365 ferry building farmers market
yesterday i went for a run down the embarcadero. saturdays are the best because you get to kill two birds with one stone. exercise and people watching. with the Giants game, the Ferry Building Farmers Market and the hustle and bustle of Pier 39, there is a lot to take in as you run. plus it was a gorgeous day for a run. 

160:365 build your own smores
this is a really shitty picture. like...really shitty. but the smores themselves were not! house made graham crackers, chocolate sauce and melted marshmallows at Luna Park. Eva and i went solely for dessert. i love going out for just dessert. such a girl thing to do. and no, nobody was in tears and needed to be cheered up by gorging on sweets. i like to drown myself in dessert regardless of tears. 

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