Monday, June 4, 2012

when do you feel most beautiful?

while reading through a magazine recently, i came across a page which asked celebrities the generic question: when do you feel most beautiful? while most people said things along the likes of "when i'm on the red carpet" or "while i'm in my pajamas ready to go to bed with my children resting fast asleep," my favorite response came from Drew Barrymore. she said something like "when i've just said something really witty."

i thought that was a remarkable response. i instantly felt myself relate to her words. i feel like the best version of myself when the people surrounding me are smiling due to something i've said (preferably something hilarious). in this life, i would like to be remembered for only two things: having been a good person and having made people laugh. at the end of the day you never remember exactly what people have said, but you remember how they made you feel. and if i can be someone who has provided you with laughter, then i feel like i've done my part as a functioning being.

**as i read this over i realize that, ironically, this particular blog post is not even slightly funny. well i guess you can't be on all the time! haha!

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