Monday, June 18, 2012

happy father's day! meet my dad...

happy father's day! yep, that's my pop up there. uh-huh, the one with the geometric shirt. i swear he's got a few shirts with large geometric shapes on them and i just don't get it. Laura, my brother's gf, had to tell my dad to smile for the pic because like most chinese men from china, smiling in pictures is the opposite of natural. one time on a cruise he won Mr. Baldy Legs because, well, just take a look. the eldest boy in his family, he never finished high school. rather than obtain a rightful education, he went to work to begin providing for the family. i would consider that noble and selfless. when we were kids my other cousins thought he was the scary uncle, but i never really understood why. he's not mean at all. in fact he's generous and sometimes quite the riot. i mean, when he's not smiling i suppose he doesn't look like the nicest man in the world, but i'll be damned if he isn't the one cracking a corny joke amongst a table of family or friends. when we were kids and endured long lectures from my mom after having gotten into trouble, he would make sure to always tell us to kiss her and say sorry. any time i need something he's always there with no hesitation. he's been known to leave work to come jump my car after having left my headlights on on many occasions, no questions asked. he's always ready to be there in every sense of the word.

p.s. my "brother" seems to be quite dark compared to the rest of the family. think there's any chance he's adopted?? haha! i'm totally kidding. if he didn't look like an exact replica of my grandpa when he was a baby then i might actually question his lineage but he's legit.

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