Saturday, June 9, 2012

the 7x7 food and wine event was wack.

went to the 7x7 food and wine event which was pretty lame overall. the food was mediocre and limited but luckily we got our moneys worth in drinks. prior to the event, Tan and i went to The Pub to begin drinking already, so by the time we'd met up with Eva and other folks we were pretty buzzed. we had a conversation with a chinese girl who was incredibly socially awkward and kept laughing at us for paying for the event. i kept telling her to stop being a cheap chinese because sometimes things are about the experience and not necessarily the value. but then again the event was pretty wack soooo maybe she was right. 

see..i pretty much had a permanent squint for the rest of the day.

food deprived after the event, we went to Mamacita.

tuna tartar


fried artichokes with cojita cheese

Eva, Tan, myself, Mickey, Micah, Aman, Sherwin, Jared

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