Wednesday, September 19, 2012


have you ever walked into a restaurant and felt like your youth was pretty evident? upon entry through the revolving doors of Boulevard, i was met with a sea of shimmering white hair reflecting the lighting coming from above. the clientele at Boulevard clearly isn't your average 20something. you're guaranteed to see older white couples and a bunch of yuppies with overly gelled hair. the food matches the needs of the clientele accurately. i imagine the older crowd just wants good solid food. they're not looking for any fusion or gastronomy, so this is a great fit for that generation. while everything we had at Boulevard was prepared very well and each dish balanced nicely with flavors and textures, there wasn't anything very different or special about each dish.  still, it was a very good dinner and i would come back (but probably not until i grow some grays).

lobster soup- with petrale sole and mussel fritter
a great dish! the petrale had a perfect crisp sear to it and the capers added a unique tang to the soup. i would come back specifically for this lobster soup.

ravioli of nettles and rabbit
the nettles ravioli had a slight bitter note to them. enjoyable, but the rabbit ravioli was super flavorful. and the pasta had a nice consistency.

pork prime rib chop with "rice grits" and okra
pretty good, though the risotto was overly salty with such large slivers of cured pork. 

quail with nettle gnocchi, chantrelle mushrooms and chard
very well cooked quail which was not gamey at all. and the gnocchi was pretty good too.

sticky toffee sundae
i love a good sticky toffee pudding/cake/(in this case)sundae! this was a great way to end the meal.

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