Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comedy Jam

haha!! best picture ever!! preparing to laugh our asses off.

stand-up comedy is one of my favorite things because laughter makes the world go round. you know what else i love? picnicking in the park. oh, and i love festivals too. so how do you get all of those things combined into one ultimate night of fun? you go to Comedy Jam! a month or so ago i bought four tickets to go with no idea who i was going to take with me. all i knew is that i needed to go because i love everything about Comedy Jam. so on saturday i packed up my friends, some sandwiches and snacks, blankets and lawn chairs, and we had a blast laughing the night away. 

roomie pic! Fern, myself and Natasha (aka Natty, which is the worst funniest nickname ever!)

between these two. mMmhhmm...

while last years lineup was exceptional due to Dave Chapelle, this year wasn't so bad. there were a lot of laughs and my already raspy voice got much worse from the constant chuckling. though there was an awkward break from laughter when a pair called Key and Peele came on. they were so terrible they were booed throughout their whole set and at some point one of them said " don't like our aesthetic? what else do we have?" then proceeded to not be funny. poor fellas, i'm sure it's a terrible feeling to be unfunny. i wouldn't know what that's like though. haha i'm juuuuust kidding! no i'm not! one surprisingly very funny comedian was Ali Wong who i've seen on Chelsea Lately. you know, she's from San Francisco? she's doing a show in December at Cobb's and i'm going to make sure i see it!

what a good night. i love stuff like this! 

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