Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Giant Race Half Marathon

ready to run the Giant Race Half Marathon for the 3rd year in a row!

remember when i ran it last year with not much training and having gone out the night before? similar story. i didn't really train this year, though i did do a 10 mile run the week before to make sure i was capable of completing the 13.1 miles. 

the crowd waiting to get running

this year i ran it three minutes slower than last year but i'm not really trippin' about it. i think running 13.1 miles is an accomplishment in itself. maybe next year i'll shoot for a better time though. we'll see!

this year they let everybody hang out on the green after the race, which was pretty cool. in years past they've only really let you walk around the green. 

ran into Tess, who completed the 10k! high five, Tess!!

hi, have you met my giant shiny forehead yet? oh, you didn't know that i morph into looking like an alien after half marathons?? well it's true. 

yeah i did!
immediately following the half marathon i went to my favorite ice cream spot, Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous because 1) it was close by and 2) i deserve it (discounting the fact that i ate all sorts of junk food at Comedy Jam the night prior haha). i got the chicory coffee and the mint fudge with their aaahhmazing hot fudge to top it all off. in about ten minutes flat i pretty much ate back all of the calories burnt running that morning. 

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