Monday, September 10, 2012

Little Baobob / SF Shorts / bacon dog carts

Libby, myself and two of her friends (who i'm not putting on the blog because i don't want to subject them to something they haven't signed up for. as for Libby, i don't care whether she does or does not want to be on this blog. it's happening. haha! ) went to Little Baobob for Senegalese food before heading to the Roxie Theater for SF Shorts, a short film fest. one of their friends made a film called Grandma, Grandma which showcased the very different lives of her two grandmothers. while the film itself was made to have some comic relief, the underlying tone of it was sort of sad and revealing. i wish i could find a trailer or something to show you, but unfortunately there isn't one. there was also another film entitled Nani that was really good. it was about a boy and an elderly Asian woman who form an unlikely bond. this one made me shed a tear. 

i love watching short films!

anyhow...on to the food!

aloko- fried ripe plantains served with a sweet tamarind yogurt sauce
i love sticky sweet plantains! can't really go wrong.

yucca fries and guacamole

seafood coco- sauteed prawns in a coconut curry. served with potatoes and rice
love this! a little sweet and super coconutty!

Mafe- chicken, sauteed mushrooms, onions, spinach and tomatoes with a peanut sauce

Dibi- lamb in a marinated onion sauce with salad, plantains and rice. 
holy this was the best dish of the night! so flavorful!

after watching the films Libby couldn't resist the bacon wrapped hotdogs. when you're in the Mission District at night, it's hard not to want one of these!

this is a particularly "large" operation for a bacon dog cart. typically you see literally a small cart like one of the ones in the front and that's it. sketch? a tad, but the tastiest hotdogs ever...especially late night!

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