Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mickey's birthday in Sonoma

Sherwin, myself, Eva, Candice, Mickey, Juan, Tony and Micah

this weekend after Color Me Rad and working a graveyard shift, i headed up to Sonoma for Mickey's 30th birthday. he very generously rented out a beautiful house attached to the Sebastiani Winery for him and his friends to relax party in for the three day weekend. unfortunately i could only make it for sunday/monday, but it was still a lot of fun!

a beautiful house. pool and guest house included. there's even a game room/bar room at the lower level of the house. i didn't spend any time down there because plastered all over the walls were old (and i'm talking ooold) creepy family photos. i'm talking like photos taken back in the day where a pinhole camera was used. or after the person counted "1, 2, 3...." the people in the pictures would have to hold still for like thirty seconds before it would form an image. i'm talking like long, dark, puffy sleeved dresses with giant tilted hats. or men with non-ironic, non-hipster mustaches. just legit normal mustaches. these pictures were of people who looked like they'd gladly haunt the house as their ghostly selves. hmmm no thanks. i'll pass on hanging out in there.

me and the birthday boy

hmm things got a little ghetto. they brought three bottles of Cristal up to celebrate. and because we identify Cristal as the rapper's drink of choice, it was necessary to make grillz (yes, with a z. you know that's the only appropriate way to spell the word for blingin' tooth caps) out of foil. silly, huh? and hilarious!


cheers to your Dirty Thirty, Mickey!
sometimes when you're short you have to find a way to make it in the pic. 

lol! look at Juan in the backround!!

unseen and undocumented was...
- an awesome game of Scribblish which ended up revealing how dirty everybody's minds are. the manliest bee, pink tacos, the Sebastiani, among a shit ton of other randomness.
- a lengthy game involving a deck of cards and some mouths and that's about it. what resulted from the game was a lot of inhaled air, chapped lips, carpet burned knees and a man kiss. but i won't say who to spare them a bit of embarrassment. 
- a cake that looks fairly normal until you realize that one single altered inch of icing  decorating changes everything and turns it into the most offensive cake. well...offensive if you're a prude of course.
- a game of I Have Never in which the birthday boy did not participate except for one little bit. 

"normal pic" except for Juan apparently

"funny pic"

getting ready to catch the birthday boy

lucky me! i get the best part! haha!

good times with old friends and new! tons of memories made. what an awesome way to end the Labor Day weekend! thanks for the invite, Mickey! i hope you had the time of your life!

*to give credit where credit's due, these photos are all Mickey's. i just stole them for the blog.

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  1. lol i was about to ask if you brought your dSLR with you. haha