Monday, September 3, 2012

Color Me Rad

i've always been interested in joining a Holi Festival. not sure what that is? to be quite honest i'm not really in the know about Holi either. all i know is that it's an Indian celebration of colors and that part of the tradition involves throwing colorful powders at people in a large crowd. sounds like fun, right? well so far i haven't been able to be a part of that, however this weekend a bunch of us got together to run Color Me Rad, a 5k in which as you run you're more than heavily dusted with powdered chalks of various neon colors. or to sum it up in one word, awesome! and in a sense similar to Holi. it was a ton of fun and a crazy mess. 

Ruby, Natasha and i
the before shot with our nice white socks

you guys know Jerome Jeremy right? that's my bro! we look nothing alike, huh?

"so fresh n so clean clean"

Larin, Andreas, Ray, myself, Dave, tan, Ruby, Neil, Natasha, Christine, Ada, Alaina, Mary, Jeremy
this is still before the race. we just needed a little color to get us going.

getting a little color before starting the race

in line to run. we ended up starting with the last heat. 

walking into clouds of color.

so whoever was at the last color station decided to throw chalk directly in my face. cool, dude. i've always wanted blue teeth, a distinguished blue nose and the feeling of choking while powder and moisture form a paste in my throat. 

while i was literally running, i ran into my friend Joe! 
thanks for telling me my teeth were blue, Joe! not!  


the ER crew

the radiology crew. 

after Color Me Rad we went to The Boiling Crab. so. fun (not really) fact. i don't like eating messy things with my hands. chicken wings are eaten with two fingers on one side and fork for support on the other. odd, i know. ribs are eaten with a fork and knife. crab, lobster, shrimp and other things are generally not eaten at all unless they've been shelled prior to being placed in front of me for consumption. and no, i'm not high maintenance enough to have someone do it for me. i just avoid it completely. so rather than get my hands all gross i stuck with a basket of fried shrimp and fries.
our faces are still marked with chalk, if you couldn't tell. Natasha doesn't typically have a 5 o'clock shadow and my face isn't usually that nice shade of Ninja Turtle green. 

Tan ordered a giant lobster to himself and then disgustingly took the guts out and placed them too close to me. oh, i didn't tell you? not only do i not like eating with my hands but it grosses me out to watch people dive into saucy foods with their grubby little fingers. if you're ever in a situation where i'm witness to your savage eating ways, don't mind my face of disgust. i promise you, it's not you, it's me. you can carry on. 

fun times! thanks for coordinating everything, Tan!! 

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