Sunday, September 30, 2012

recent happenings

i can't say enough how much i love being Yelp Elite. the events that they throw are pretty cool sometimes, and even if they weren't who could complain really? free food and drinks or tickets to shows and events all for writing a few reviews on Yelp? awesome! i went to Yelp's Mobile Mashup the other day. it was held at Club Auto Sport, which is pretty cool if you're in to cars. they had some pretty expensive new cars and some vintage looking cars lining the place. and while that's great, what i go for is the food, but you already knew that, right? they had a ton of vendors handing out samples of good food inside the club as well as a bunch of food trucks handing out samples in the parking lot. needless to say, within an hour we were pretty stuffed. this was definitely one of the better Yelp events. 

then i took a picture with the king...


went to a coworker's daughter's quinceanera on saturday. we pulled our money together and got her three tickets to see Justin Bieber next weekend. something a 15 year old would be ecstatic about. i hope she has the time of her life with all of the other Beliebers with that Bieber fever. 

Brigette, April, Elisa, Jinsun, Ruby, myself, Uyen and Natasha. 

Tom, Terry, Edgar, Harley, Jaosn, Tan, Chris and Steven

the beautiful birthday girl and her family 

me and Nit-Nat-Patty-Wack

later that night i went to Sherwin's Awesome 80's birthday. i didn't want to change clothes more than two times in a day so i opted not to dress up, however my contribution to the party were jello shots. because what's more 80's than the vision of Mr. Bill Cosby enforcing you to eat some j-e-LL-o?

Sum-Yung-Guy (no idea who this first dude is), Micah, myself, Mickey, the birthday boy (Sherwin), Avery

is Avery taking a peek to see if Sherwin is about to accidentally expose his package to the world?

too close for comfort with only one layer between me and that wang

what is it about men in uniform??

he's so dark that there's no distinguishing where Shwerin ends and the cabinets begin

i loved Tony's mustache.

so i made him draw one for me too!

good times, friends!

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