Friday, September 14, 2012


i've been trying to go to Contigo for the longest time now and have finally had the chance to check out their tapas. this place is great to share a meal with a couple of friends. the dishes aren't huge so a party of three or four seems just about right for shared portions. i went with Marjie and with just the two of us we absolutely ordered too much food. but we couldn't resist ordering a bunch of dishes because we're greedy like that.

seared goat cheese, figs, arugula, and hazelnuts
the seared goat cheese was creamy with a slight crisp. the bitterness of the arugula paired with the sweet figs and tart cheese was nicely balanced, and the hazelnuts added great texture.

sardine and avocado toast
sardines are not my thing, but they are Marjie's thing. for a sardine this was pretty good, however i still am not a fan of the little silver fish.

grilled squid with beans and chorizo
the least favorite dish of the night (yes, even less than sardines). this was okay. there wasn't anything special about the dish or particularly great, though the squid was cooked nicely.

oxtail sliders
oxtail is one of my favorite proteins. something about the pieces of tendon or whatever it is brings something special to the meat. these were great little hamburguesas! 

flatbread with summer squash, carmelized onions, some sort of bacon and manchego.
i love manchego cheese! so good! the bread had just the right amount of chew and crispness. this was a salty sweet flatbread, as the caramelized onions were cooked down to it's sugariest form.

i forget what the flavor profile was supposed to be, but this was a suuuuuper flavorful dish. loved it. and the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender.

hot sipping chocolate with fresh fried churros
thick creamy chocolate, which really you can't sip too much of. it truly becomes overwhelming quite quickly. the churros were hot and doused in sugar. a/n great appropriate way to end a meal of tapas.

Sightglass coffee flan
but of course we couldn't resist a second dessert. told ya we were greedy! this was really good. just the right consistency of smooth and dense. and the coffee flavor stood out more than i'd imagined it would. 

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