Saturday, September 22, 2012


i know that i keep saying with each new restaurant post that "i've been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time now," but it's always true. in SF the turn around and/or shelf life for restaurants are short because the competition is fierce. but what that means is that there are always new restaurants to check out and they just get better and better. most recently i went to try Locanda. it's a standard osteria (serving wine and simple, basic foods) with very well prepared, satisfying eats.

so very light and airy with a slight crisp, painted with good olive oil. i could have just eaten foccacia all night long.

rigatoni carbonara
a lot of people complained on Yelp about this dish being too salty. the "bacon" is quite salty but i don't mind that when eaten with the pasta. the chunks are fried to a crisp and was a nice surprise for me.

shelling bean agnolotti
these are like little ravioli filled with a creamy bean filling. while very good, beans aren't my favorite so i would probably never purposely order this dish. we had a vegetarian with us so this was his choice.

lamb scottadito
a very tender non-gamy lamb.

tender. tasty. oxtail is one of my favorite protein options. very good!

lemon yogurt budino
light and creamy. a good dessert option.

ricotta fritta- lemon honey and thyme
this was sort of amazing. really simple but just fried to a light crisp with a creamy center. not very sweet.

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