Monday, September 24, 2012

Eat Real Festival / the weekend

by now you all should know that Marjie is one of my favorite foodie friends. so this past friday we went to the Eat Real Festival in Oakland. this was my third year attending, and Marjie's first. if you're unaware of what this is, it's a ton of food trucks/vendors that line Jack London Square to sell food items (everything $5). it's really awesome and a good way to try a bunch of stuff. the best method is to go with a friend or a couple of friends who you don't mind sharing germs with. everybody disperses into different lines to get some grub and then reconvene to share. that way you're not eating a whole burrito by yourself and left with no room in your tummy for the mass amounts of delicious that are offered up.

i'm not typically a fan of paella because it ends up being too fishy more often than not but i enjoy this paella. it's creamy, flavorful and not in the slightest bit fishy.

Gilroy mac n cheese. various cheeses and a ton of garlic. the noodles are cooked perfectly and the garlic is absolutely evident. would love to visit their brick and morter one day.

lamb poutine. holy shit this was good! tender bits of savory lamb with sheeps cheese and lamb gravy over deliciously thick cut fries. i want more!

the Yes, Please. nutella creme brulee with strawberries. the best part of creme brulee is breaking the shell, right? then you get to this thick, creamy, hazelnutty custard with fresh strawberries. so very good!

lobster roll bite. seems like the tiniest bite in the world, but in reality a whole sandwich at Sam's Chowderhouse is approximately three times this sandwich and costs you $22. here you get to sample it for $5. not too shabby for lobster and butter goodness. 

thai ice tea frozen custard with large tapioca balls and condensed milk. the ice cream was really good. it had a strong thai tea flavor.

Frozen Kuhsterd
bacon liege waffle with burnt caramel sauce and cinnamon toast ice cream. the concept to this is fantastic. all elements seem like they'd be perfect together. while the flavor is there, my only qualm with this is that the waffle is sort of too dense and breadlike.

grilled figs with goat cheese, marcona almonds and balsamic reduction
i've had this three years in a row and it's always good. the combination of ingredients work really well together.

porcini grilled cheese. this sandwich was severely lacking in the cheese department, but the crusty buttery grilled bread and porcini mushrooms made up for the loss of ooey gooeiness.

saturday after work i stopped by GG Park to partake in a picnic/bbq for the Radiology Dept. sadly half an hour after i got there the clouds decided to converge and the chilliness was unbearable for my pansy self. so i bid my crew adieu and left with a ton of brownies to indulge in at a later time. 

Sally (the coordinator!), Ruby, Steve (lookin all disheveled), myself, Joe, Uyen, Dr. Fisch, Natasha, Tan, Edgar, Joan (Dr. Fisch' wifey), and Clive

Alisa (who was visiting from Texas), Rubes, myself, Natty (ha!), and Nicole

later on in the night i had dinner with my clearly preggers friend, Steph. she says that if you touch the belly of a pregnant woman, that fertile juju gets passed on to you. good thing i'm not superstitious.


sunday, i got to briefly visit with Steffi who was here for a wedding. look at her all cute in her glasses.

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