Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nightlife at the Academy of Science

Nightlife at the Academy of Science is one of those things you just have to experience. on it's own, the Academy is already awesome. but throw in a couple of DJs, cocktails, a band, and special themed exhibits, and you've got a perfect way to spend a night out. if that isn't already seemingly perfect, what's even better is that it's a 21+ event. this means no screaming kids running amuck or getting their sticky lollipops all over everything. this means no large moving annoyances (strollers) slamming into your toes. i mean, you still have to deal with the 21 y.o. crowd, but they're a bit more manageable. it's a great place to bring a friend from out of town and it makes for a good date night as well.

these are just a couple of pictures from the night....

the tiniest most cute starfish evaaaar!!

this is how i feel when people are wrong about thinking that they're funny.

a crappy shot of the awesome rooftop 

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