Tuesday, September 4, 2012


had dinner with Izelle last night at Sakae in Burlingame. surprisingly, i tried a couple of things that i can't say i've ever eaten. shocking, i know! 

ama ebi.
 raw shrimp nigiri served with the fried shrimp head. i've never eaten a fried shrimp head but i've definitely had the body of fried shrimp at chinese restaurants so i sort of knew what to expect. even so, it sort of freaks me out just looking at it and placing it on my tongue. but it was really good!

i ordered ama ebi in a roll a few years back without knowing that it was raw. when i tried it, i hated it. the texture was bothersome to me and i never had the desire to try it again. but because Ize wanted the fried shrimp heads, we decided to order it and give it a second chance. this time around, i sort of loved it! the texture didn't bother me (likely because i knew what to expect this time) and i appreciated the sweetness of the raw shrimp. i would absolutely order this again.

we got a tempura roll, sake nigiri and chu toro (medium fatty tuna). the chu toro was friggin excellent! so buttery and marbled with fat. it was Ize's first time trying it and she liked it as well. anything that's $21 for two small pieces better be delicious.

hamachi collar
i've actually never eaten the collar of a fish in this manner. it was good but nothing to write home about.

filet mignon served with garlic and ponzu
while there was nothing wrong with this dish, it wasn't anything great. there was a lot of ginger on the beef and i am not a fan of ginger.

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