Saturday, February 4, 2012

35:365 i guess all asians DO look the same

35:365 i guess all asians DO look the same

Eva and i were walking away from the Ferry Building farmers market and saw a sign that said $2.75 for 1 minute drawing and i decided that we needed a cartoon drawing of us. y'know...because we're mature like that. so a few things about the drawing and the making of this drawing.....

1. now reasonably i figured that he'd charge us for both faces, totaling $5.50. i began pulling out a $10 but he quickly handed us the drawing and totaled the cost rambling "sodrawingwithcolorwithframetwopeopleis15dollar." bewildered and nonconfrontational in character, i put my 10 back and pulled out a 20. logically i know this is ridiculous to pay a man $15 for some stupid effing drawing on the street. and especially that drawing you see above. but sometimes i'm stupid like that and i just go with the flow. so i basically wasted $15 when i thought i was going to be paying $5.50 max. gyped is what i am. 

2. this guy drew and drew and carried on a conversation the whole time he was drawing. it seemed more like 7 minutes, not 1. now i'm not complaining, because surely if you're taking 7 minutes to draw faces that normally should only take you 1, then they must be extra detailed, right? clearly my "beauty marks" (that's what chinese people choose to call small moles. haha!) and my obviously jacked looking ear took him extra long to get them juuuuuust right. 

3. my cousin and i get "you guys look alike" a lot, but c'mon now! we do not look so much alike that the only differences between us are a few beauty marks (ha!) and a hat! this really enforces the whole "all asians look the same" statement. trust me, i'd be happy to look like Eva considering she's way gorgeous. but let's be real...we do not look that much alike. 

4. no thanks, f*cker! you took too much of my money AND you threw my cousin and i into the stereotype that any asian is no different than the next? get outta here!! 

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